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IR261 3/4" IMPACT vs Honda Crank Bolt BEST GUN FOR 3/8" AIR LINE

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*IR261 3/4" GUN:
*IR231 1/2" GUN:

Quick demo of the IR261 "BIG BERTHA" vs both my 1/2" impact guns. I have owned several 3/4" guns and this is my favorite. This gun will make even more power if you run it on a half inch hose with larger couplers. But the beauty of the IR261 is the fact that it still makes pretty darn good power even on a small 3/8 hose.

@Ingersoll Rand Thanks for making amazing tools! `

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Midwest Motorin' : Love big Bertha. Got one at work and I’ve only ever had one lug nut that it couldn’t get off in my year and a half of working at a tire shop. It was a wheel lock and I then proceeded to snap the wheel lock key when I tried to get it off with a breaker bar. Big Bertha is good to us all
Mark Armstrong : Try tightening it then reverse. Sometimes works sometimes it dont. But IR 3/4" are awesome
victor giraud : I wish I would've known about big Bertha before attempting to remove the Crankshaft bolt off my 2011 Pilot. What a SOB! Gonna be purchasing one of those babies for the future.
Absolute Zero : for those who only owns a 231c and nuts that are not coming off try some liquid wrench penetrating fluid first if that didn't work its time for Big bertha
Ring_Zero : Your tools are still lacking with air, I thought mine were too until I changed the fittings to 3/8. Now I could twist my town if I want to....

Why the Ingersoll Rand 261 Impact Is So Popular by

Jon from giving a quick rundown of the reasons people love the Ingersoll Rand 261 3/4" Impact Wrench.

- It's got 1,100 ft.lbs. max reverse torque! (This is what matters when you need to get a stubborn bolt loose!)
- Simple, powerful and reliable Jumbo Hammer mechanism. A proven performer over the longterm!
- Only 8.8" from tip to tail make it pretty compact considering the power it puts out.

Get more info on the IR 261 or buy it on our site here:

Thanks for Watching!

- Jon Zampini / Zampini Industrial Group
Alex Ludden : fix that leaky air hose. couldn't even make through a 1 minute video

Ingersoll Rand 3/4" Drive Impact Wrench- 1,350 ft-lbs MAX Torque

2145QiMAX 3/4" Air Impactool

-1,350 ft-lbs MAX Reverse Torque
-7.4 lbs
-Best Power to Weight Ratio in the Industry
-Patented Quiet Tool Technology

-2 Year Warranty
-Steel Hammer Case

-More Power, Less Air
-7-vane Motor
-Low Vibration Tool

Visit for more information!
Air Impact Wrench Guide : I love Ingersoll Rand videos, they get to the point. The 2145 sounds great, will be on my shopping list for sure.
STEVIE G : IR is the only impact I would buy ,they never quit ,IR for life
blown5.3 : I wonder if this could loosen my bicycle's tire bolt?
Domino Diamond : You forgot to show them about the little plastic trigger valve that breaks off often.

And that it is a unique part that requires a direct replacement.

Let them know that nobody in town will have one and to order 3-4 to have on hand.
burk415 : Haha he just got served. Love people with bigger mouths, than brains. Great products, keep up to the good work guys!




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